1- What an X-Ray is and what it is used for?

X-Rays are a type of radiation that are used to create pictures of inside your body. Doctors use them to find diseases or problems. For example, X-Rays are often used to check for broken or fractured bones, but have many other uses such as checking for cancer.

2- X-Ray Procedure

The X-Ray procedure at Queensway X-Ray and Ultrasound is quick and simple. Simply walk-in with your X-Ray requisition and we will do the X-Ray as needed, if there are no prior preparations required. There are physicians on duty that can see you after your x-ray if you'd like. Ultimately the X-ray will be reviewed by the Radiologist who will give the final interpretation and provide a typed report to the referring physician.

3- X-Ray Preparation

For most x-rays, there is almost no preparation needed. However, it is best to follow the advice of your physician. Some specific X-Rays need the below preprations:

Pregnant women or women who think they are pregnant should let the radiologist know.
For Gall Bladder:

  • Fat Free Supper
  • Take Tablets at 7 pm
  • Nothing to eat or drink after taking tablets

For Stomach & Duodenum:

  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the evening prior to examination

For Colon (Barium Enema):

  • The day prior to examination - Clear fluids only.
  • Take Roy-Vac Liquid - follow instructions on package
  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight

NOTE: For afternoon appointment:

  • Light Breakfast (no Later than 8am) - Toast, Tea, or Coffee

4- Why Choose Our X-Ray?

We offer a variety of different X-Ray services such as Chest, Spine, Head & Neck, Abdoment, GI Tract, Abdominal, Extermeties, etc. If there is a problem, you can request to see a physician on duty after your x-ray to discuss your issue. They can look over the image as well for any concerns you may have. If there is a serious problem, the physician can refer you to a specialist to help with the problem on hand or provide care for the issue.